Саша Львов – электрическая гитара, шестиструнная
Серёга Скрипников – электробас
Саня Медовкин – барОбоны
Слава Горбачёв – просто голос


Legions of Death

On through the sky there’s smoke dust, and ember
And our land is kingdom of the wolf
Death after death, like night before the sunrise
All over the black castle in the dark
It seems to me like the world will sleep forever
Here are just the ghost of those who will die
Around the world, they look now to the dark night
Where’s the point? – Here’s  just only fear.
In chains of silence, in their prison forever
On through the dark to another cold world
To hell or heaven – let’s confess my brother!
We’re living here, in our goddamned world.
With one unseen life – connected but no freedom
With the devil’s sights which mark every step
And with destroying power, you’re silent like sepulcher
You’re going out nowhere – to take your own flag.

Night of the last pain

Sadness arise with candle’s light
The world is upside down – screams in the night
It is self – combusting, your nightmare is alive
It keeps you blind – like the walls inside
I see the pain – it ripped me insane
It gets to the point of red-hot
It burns away in my sleepless mind
And in my heart it grows stronger
A tortured screams fill the night
And death keeps you right
Why am I here? – He’s sending me
Take human beings for killing
I will destroy all those life lines
Take you away from the heaven
And I will be your eternal bride
Without sex – but nightmares are alive!
Your eyes are closed by evil instinct
And he destroys all innocent
There’s no end for this bloody mayhem
Be ready for torture marks!
And now I know, the evil comes
But pain is forbidden over the fire …
Now I cry:
“Keep the silence, satan!”
So I call:
“Yehovah to you!”

The number of the death

He is a master of a number, the meaning of it is death
And he rolls the bones, so the game begins
He is hiding in the dark, he is putting the black net
His madness – all he knows is the darkest law
The game is now worth its weight – you and Alistair Crowley
Who arranged all the dark at the night of candle mass
All three candles’ flames won’t save you from your hell
And in evil eye is now demon or what is it?
Now you’re fighting back to back, you are the darkest prince
Who is to blame and who is forever drowned in the night
There is no road back, everybody’s right
And it finished with the numbers: seven, three and one
Raven croaked
Fame is blooded …
In this time of black
Now heaven’s crack!

Men of fire

Oh, it’s red but white – hot abyss
It’s just void –it runs deeper
But the Sodom place will call you
You don’t go, don’t go …
And see an upside – down cross
Of the game – you don’t know
It’s just a beast of fire, evil and dark
You are afraid of the voice of the blood
It’s the dance of fire
But he is close and he will kill you
These creatures of flame
He got teeth of the pure flame
And he creeps like a cobra
And you hear – your time has come
To be burned in flame
Damned pygmies can’t stop their dance
Only the fire is around
Men of fire can’t beat the dust
In hosanna you trust
Red to the heart, men of fire
Red to the heart – you know
Will you burn – you don’t know
You are alone, you are alone


Tell me, I want to hear
Are humans or beasts here?
There is no air, just altar’s light
You kill me with your “love”
Just crucified god you all do it
The bell rings so loud
You, lepers, are so full of hate
My music was born too late
I am for you – just evil speak
You worship me, but you’re dead
You’re tired to be misled
But I won’t see your endless shame
Do I believe in you – you are the Judas king
And you destroyed your early sins
You will sing grace away, like now you’re king
You will arise for all


Sepulchers are crushed by their mighty heads
“Stand up, you, all giants” – blare call is just heard
They got all the crosses, the freedom they need
All fears are gone, carried by the wind
They’re standing – so mighty – right by the void
Graves now are empty – start from zero point
Dark ages are seen from the tower’s rooftop
Today is the day of chains which you’ve lost
They will be immortal, eternal, and calm
All evil forces are shacked by the storm
It’s crack in the ground, fire in the sky
Arise from the dust, ember and fire!
The sky is cracked now
It’s apocalypse blare call
It’s apocalypse’s so sweet call
The sky is cracked now – arise!

Decline of Zarathustra

Your life was life of a leader
But it was a madness
All you will find is silence
Your sleep – it’s called forever
Look out for the time cup
It needs to be destroyed
Look out for Zarathustra
You know what he’s doing!
Where are the words of the prophets?
Of those who will light up
You will bring fire and water
To all whom you are meeting
Look out for the time cup
You bless it with your eye-sight
And piece of time is now …
I said that time is ours …
Let fall now – do not lie
Looking at the last sunlight
Let fall now – do not lie
You was born for your right